The National Preventive Mechanism of the Protector of Citizens sent the Report with recommendations to the controlled authorities, following the control visit to the Jagodina Police Administration, which included visits to the headquarters of the Jagodina Police Administration and the Ćuprija Police Station, as well as visits to the Penal-Correctional Facility in Ćuprija, which were conducted in April 2019.

Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, the Jagodina Police Administration took the necessary measures in order to keep the surveillance videos for at least 30 days and provided a special room for the interrogation of persons, and the necessary measures were taken to equip this room with technical equipment for audio and video recording. Also, this administration informed the NPM that it will have its technical equipment set up for audio and video recording in the interrogation room in the Ćuprija Police Station.

Also, based on the visits performed by the representatives of the Ministry of the Interior, the NPM received information that the detention facilities at the Paraćin, Ćuprija and Despotovac police stations will be renovated in the coming period.
At the Penal-Correctional Facility in Ćuprija, doctors have started acting in accordance with the recommendations of the NPM regarding medical examinations, meaning that in the future the first examination of detainees will include an examination of all body parts, that is, a patient will be examined without clothes. Also, during the first medical examination, the doctor will enter in the medical record all the information he/she has obtained, will photograph all injuries observed on the detained person during the first medical examination, and photographs of the injuries will be stored in the medical record of the person. The Penal-Correctional Facility in Ćuprija also installed a PVC curtain at the sanitary block, ensuring the privacy of detainees, while in the room intended for detention, sufficient supply of natural light was provided in such a way that the security of the institution was not endangered. In the room intended for detention, sanitary facilities have been renovated and clean bed sheets and personal hygiene products for detainees were provided.