Based on the monitoring of the forcible removal procedure of a Chinese national, which was carried out on September 27, 2019, the NPM prepared a report stating that the proceeding was conducted in accordance with the regulations and standards envisaged.

The monitoring began at the Shelter for Foreigners, where the Chinese national was located, his transfer into an official vehicle was monitored, and while on his way to the airport, an NPM representative was in an official vehicle, behind the vehicle carrying the foreigner.

At the airport, an NPM representative interviewed the foreigner and followed the procedure for boarding the aircraft. The Chinese national stated that he had no objection to the actions of police officers, he also said that he had been allowed to contact his wife and that he wanted to return to China. During the interview with him, no signs of uneasiness about the removal and / or conduct of police officers were observed.

All police officers have fully cooperated with the NPM by providing the requested information, facilitating attendance and monitoring of the removal process, as well as unsupervised interview with the foreigner.