The Clinic for Psychiatry of the Clinical Center of Serbia has informed the Protector of Citizens about the activities it has undertaken in accordance with the recommendations of the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture, which it received in the Visit Report of October 30, 2019.

Regarding the recommendations concerning more detailed and orderly keeping of the medical history and an increase in the availability of physicians to the patients for interviewing, with the protection of privacy and confidentiality of personal information, the Clinic stated that compliance with these procedures will be subject to continuous internal quality review of professional work.

In addition, the Clinic has compiled a list of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that can be followed with even the least minimal risk to the health of the patient in order to create an appropriate form used at the Clinical Center of Serbia for informed consent of the patient to a subsequently introduced medical measure. The clinic has accepted the NPM's recommendation to expand the psycho-social rehabilitation plan by developing accessible and tailored psycho-social rehabilitation activities to suit patients' individual needs and capabilities.

In connection with NPM's recommendation that the Clinic develop a program of continuing specialist education for nursing staff, the Clinic submitted a 2019 Report and an Education Plan for 2020 and informed the Protector of Citizens that it has a long tradition of educating nurses, technicians and therapists, that the lectures accredited by the Health Council of Serbia are compulsory and necessary for the re-licensing of the work permit, and that the nurses-technicians from the nursing and treatment of psychiatric patients department are also educated by attending specialist meetings, symposia and conferences of professional associations.

The Clinical Center of Serbia and the Ministry of Health were requested information on the activities undertaken to procure the prescribed equipment for performing the health care activity and to carry out standard diagnostic procedures, investment maintenance of the building and installation of an external lift for the needs of the Psychiatry Clinic.