The Deputy Protector of Citizens for the Protection of the Rights of Persons Deprived of Liberty and the Head of the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture, Dr. Nataša Tanjević, along with an associate from the Department of the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture, oversaw the forcible removal of a Ukrainian citizen. The monitoring began in the early morning hours at the Shelter for Foreigner, where an unsupervised interview was conducted with a Ukrainian citizen. The Ukranian citizen had no objection to the conduct of police officers, he stated that he wanted to return to Ukraine and that his plane tickets were provided by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). During the interview with him, no signs of uneasiness about the removal and / or conduct of police officers were observed.

Subsequently, the relevant documentation was accessed and the law enforcement officials were interviewed on the circumstance of respecting the rights of these persons during their stay at the Shelter. In the process of forcible removal, the placement of a Ukrainian citizen in an official vehicle and the transport to Nikola Tesla Airport was monitored. An unsupervised interview with an Afghan citizen was also conducted at the Shelter for Foreigners, whose removal was also planned for the same day.

At the Nikola Tesla Airport, a room was visited in the international transit space of the airport intended for the accommodation of foreigners who do not meet the requirements for entry into the Republic of Serbia, where five adult men were found, namely, citizens of Turkey, Ukraine, Tunisia and India, as well as a specially equipped room for accommodation for women with children, where no one was found at the time of the visit.

Dr Nataša Tanjević had an unsupervised interview with one of the foreigners who was found in a room in the international transit space of the airport and he had no objections to the police conduct with him. Afterwards, an interview was conducted with the police officers at the border police station about how they treated this category of foreigners and how these persons exercise their rights during their transit stay.

During the monitoring procedure and during the visit to the Airport, all police officers fully cooperated with the representatives of the Protector of Citizens and provided all the requested information.

The NPM will prepare special reports on the visit and supervision of the forced removal process in the coming period.