Today, the Deputy Protector of Citizens and the head of the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture, Dr. Nataša Tanjević and her associates, visited two police stations within the Police Directorate for the City of Belgrade. The control visits to the Stari Grad Police Station and the Novi Beograd Police Station were made since the Ministry of the Interior did not submit to the Protector of Citizens, even after several urgencies, a notice of compliance with the recommendations of the NPM visit reports sent on July 30 and September 30, 2019.

The commanders of the visited police stations informed Deputy Tanjević of the recommendations they had fully followed, as well as of the activities undertaken and the requests submitted in order to implement the recommendations for which the necessary financial resources and / or engagement of other organizational units of the Ministry of the Interior were implemented.

Two detained persons were found at the Stari Grad Police Station. As one detainee was sleeping, with the other person an unsupervised interview was conducted in a detention room. He had no objections to the conduct of police officers, he pointed out that he had not been exposed to mental and physical abuse or to the unprofessional behavior of police officers. He also stated that he had been informed of his rights and had been served a detention order.
At the Novi Beograd Police Station, detention facilities were being renovated in order to comply with the applicable regulations and standards.

In both police stations, police officers conducted themselves professionally during the visit of the NPM, which is an example of good practice of conduct, in accordance with the legally prescribed obligation of cooperation of administrative bodies with the Protector of Citizens. The NPM monitoring team was provided with all the requested information, it was given access to the detention facilities and hearing offices, access to relevant documentation and an interview with the detained person.