The National Preventive Mechanism visited Stari Grad Police Station in June 2019, and based on the established facts, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) and the police station were sent a Report on the visit with Recommendations. Not even by the early 2020 did the NPM receive the MOI’s response regarding the Recommendations issued, so the NPM paid a follow-up visit to PS Stari Grad on 30 January 2020. Following that visit, MOI submitted a response stating that all the NPM’s Recommendations were acted upon.

Acting upon a recommendation, Stari Grad Police Station designated two rooms where interrogations would be conducted, both were painted, and since they were not equipped and put into operation, PS Stari Grad sent a written request to the Sector for Material and Financial Affairs of the MOI. As reported by the police officers, in the MOI budget for 2020, funds were allocated for equipping special interrogation rooms with technical equipment and PS Stari grad should be the first one within the Belgrade Police Administration to have these rooms equipped with the necessary technical equipment for audio and video recording of the interrogation procedures.

In PS Stari grad, also in accordance with the recommendation by the NPM, a special room was designated for adequate storage of confiscated items related to a criminal offence. The NPM monitoring team visited the room and determined that inside, in a metal cabinet, confiscated items related to criminal offences were stored, properly labelled and they had the evidence number identifying the case to which they refer. Upon reviewing the register of confiscated items, it was determined that the unified record of confiscated items is kept properly.

Finally, the recommendation to keep videos from video surveillance in PS Stari grad for at least 30 days was accepted.