Yesterday, the Deputy Protector of Citizens Ms. Nataša Tanjević PhD. and her associate from the NPM team visited Padinska Skela Shelter for Foreigners where they monitored a forced removal of a family with two minors, citizens of Iran and two citizens of Afghanistan.

Facilitated by a Farsi interpreter, unsupervised interviews were conducted with foreigners, and since a family with two children was in the process of forced removal, special attention was paid to the conditions in the shelter and the treatment of children during their stay there, as well as to the process of placement in an official vehicle. The NPM concluded that the Iranian family was provided with accommodation in the shelter separately from others awaiting forced removal, thus providing them with the necessary privacy, in accordance with the Law, and that minor children with their mother were in a separate passenger official vehicle during the transportation to the border crossing.

NPM team members examined the relevant documentation and interviewed the staff regarding the respect of the rights of persons in the process of forced removal. The NPM monitored their placement in an official vehicle which then transported them to Gradina border crossing.

The foreigners interviewed stated that they had no objections regarding the conditions in the Shelter or the police officers’ conduct.

During the visit, all police officers fully cooperated with the NPM by providing the requested information and enabling unsupervised interviews with foreigners.