Today, NPM representatives visited the District Prison in Belgrade to investigate how the management of the institution implements measures to contain coronavirus (COVID-19) and how the exercise of fundamental rights of persons deprived of liberty is ensured in these circumstances.

The visit was conducted with the full cooperation of the management and staff of the institution, all requested information was provided and unsupervised interviews with persons deprived of liberty were enabled. NPM representatives were assured that all measures were observed to protect the health and safety of all persons deprived of liberty, which would in turn contribute to preserving the health and safety of the staff.

The contact with the outside world of persons deprived of liberty was restricted, and they fully understood these restrictions.

The persons with whom unsupervised interview was conducted had no objections regarding the police officers’ conduct.

We reiterate that the prohibition of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment is absolute and that protective measures taken by the state to contain COVID-19 must never result in any form of ill-treatment of persons deprived of liberty.