The Ministry of Interior informed the National Preventive Mechanism on acting upon the Recommendations from the Report on the visit to Leskovac Police Administration (PA) headquarters.

In order to implement the recommendations and improve the acting upon them, PA Leskovac submitted copies of the report to its internal organizational units, and in its response it is stated that specific activities were undertaken in order to rectify identified irregularities in the work:

- The lacking bed sheets for beds in the detention rooms were provided in the headquarters of Leskovac Police Administration and in Lebane Police Station
- it was ordered that, pursuant to the Law on Misdemeanors, the detention for up to 24 hours should be counted from the moment of exercising the police power of bringing the defendant
- the police officers were instructed to apply restraint (fixation) measures in full compliance with the applicable regulations as to not unnecessarily inflict bodily pain or injury (by excessive squeezing or otherwise) on the detainee, as well as to visit the detainees from time to time and update detention records accordingly.

It is also stated that the Police Department of the Leskovac Police Administration will carry out control and instructional activities in the coming period in order to monitor and follow-up the activities according to the ordered measures, as well as to take disciplinary measures in case of omissions.

The NPM will monitor the activities regarding the detention premises adaptation in the headquarters of the Leskovac Police Department, in Vlasotince Police Station and Lebane Police Station, for which it was stated that the works would begin in the coming period.

In September 2019, the National Preventive Mechanism paid a regular, unannounced visit to the headquarters of the Leskovac Police Administration and, based on the established facts, issued a Report on the visit with Recommendations to that body.