01 December 2021

The Protector of Citizens, in performing the work of the National Preventive Mechanism, participated in the ENNHRI project (European Network of National Human Rights Institutions) „NHRI’s work to promote and protect the human rights of migrants at borders“ within which the NPM team went to the borders with Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria and Croatia, as well as at international airports in 2021. On the grounds of these visits, the NPM submitted a report on the treatment of migrants at the borders, which ENNHRI combined with the findings of other national human rights institutions into one regional report http://ennhri.org/rights-at-borders/#reports. The report outlines regional trends and challenges in respecting fundamental human rights of migrants at state borders.

Since July 2019, ENNHRI has supported NHRIs (National Human Rights Institutions) in the promotion and protection of migrants' rights at borders. As part of this project, national human rights institutions in Croatia, France, Greece, Serbia and Slovenia have produced national reports that include good practices, findings and recommendations. These are based on monitoring conducted between July 2019 and April 2021.