29 March 2022

Photo: Protector of Citizens

On 28 March 2022, the team of the Protector of Citizens that carries out the tasks of the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM), led by the Deputy Protector of Citizens Nataša Tanjević, paid a thematic visit to the Penal-Correctional Institution in Belgrade and the Penal-Correctional Institution in Belgrade-Padinska Skela. In addition to employees from the Protector of Citizens, the team also included a representative of the Lawyers' Committee for Human Rights.

Both visits were unannounced and carried out in order to monitor the institution's treatment of persons deprived of their liberty who are subject to the disciplinary measure of solitary confinement or the special measures of isolation, i.e. in any form of isolation in relation to other persons deprived of their liberty, their position and the exercise of their rights. During the visit, the NPM team conducted unsupervised interviews with certain convicted persons, inspected the relevant documentation, and toured the premises intended for the enforcement of the aforementioned measures.

The key findings from both visits will be published as part of a special thematic report, after the planned visits to institutions devoted to the mentioned topic are carried out.

The professional conduct of the management and employees of the institution during the visit of the NPM is an example of good practice, in accordance with the obligation of the authorities, established by law, to cooperate with the NPM.