More than 30 foreigners in 2015 expressed an intention to seek asylum in the Republic of Serbia, which is founded during the visit of the team Ombudsman border police station at the airport ,,Nikola Tesla" in Belgrade, which was carried out in order to observe the treatment of migrants, in particular asylum-seekers. These foreigners were  sent to centers for asylum, but it was noted that a small number of them spoke to the competent authorities in order to implement further the asylum procedure.

In future The Ombudsman will  intensify visits to the airport and do an immediate insight into the behavior of the police towards the incoming passengers, in order to check whether they are able, in accordance with the law, to express an intention to seek asylum.

During the visit, the team of the Ombudsman has achieved a very good and professional cooperation with the commander of the border police Slobodan Copić and his associates.