National Preventive Mechanism, in the period from 5 until 8 November 2012, conducted a visit to Police headquarters of city Novi Sad and police stations within it, in accordance with the Provincial Ombudsman and the NGO - Belgrade Center for Human Rights.

Monitoring team National Preventive Mechanism visited, on 13 and 14 September 2012, the Police headquarters of Prijepolje city and police stations within it-  Priboj and Nova Varoš.

Monitoring team of the National Preventive Mechanism conducted an ad hoc visit to the II Pavilion of the Correctional Facility Niš, on 31 August 2012. On this occasion NPM made ​​a tour of the premises where persons are deprived of their liberty, and done unsupervised interviews with a number of prisoners, as well as with members of the security officers and other employees. Also,  inspected documents maintained in the Correctional Facility.

Monitoring team of the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture form 11 until 13 July 2012 conducted a visits of the Police headquarters in Užice city and police stations within it - Bajina Bašta, Arilje, Kosjerić, Požega and Čajetina.

The plan of visits to be undertaken by NPM in 2012 was adopted. The Program of visits was drawn up in accordance with agreement reached by The Protector of Citizens, Provincial Ombudsman and selected associations in charge of conducting systematic monitoring of conditions of PDLs, in their special areas of expertise. The intention is to undertake visits to all institutions where people deprived of their liberty are accommodated within the next four years, which consequently means that NPM shall conduct about 80 visits in 2012 alone, 50 of which are to be undertaken to the Police stations, 10 to prisons, 5 to psychiatric hospitals, 6 to social welfare institutions of residential type, one  to a shelter for foreigners and 10 to nursing homes for the elderly.