On Friday, September 27, 2019, a member of the NPM team supervised the process of forced expulsion of a Chinese national from the Republic of Serbia. The Chinese national had previously stayed at the shelter for foreigners for 13 days, and the NPM monitored the procedure of his departure from the shelter for foreigners to the plane which he boarded. The forced expulsion procedure was performed in order and the Chinese citizen had no objection to police work either during his stay at the shelter for foreigners or during his expulsion.

The National Preventive Mechanism will draw up a Report on the conducted procedure.

On September 19 and 20 this year, the NPM team made seven visits to places where prisoners deprived of their liberty are or may be located. All visits were unannounced and cooperation with police was exceptional. In addition to NPM employees, the visit was also attended by a forensic specialist, representative of the International Aid Network IAN.

In order to examine the treatment of citizens by the police, the headquarters of the Vranje Police Department and the District Prison in Vranje were visited on September 19, where interviews were held with detainees brought to the implementation of the measure after being detained by the police. A forensic specialist examined the relevant medical documentation made upon admission to the institution, and particular attention was paid to the adequacy of medical examinations when admitting persons to the institution and the manner of documenting possible injuries.

During the night, a visit was made to the Police Station in Surdulica, where no detainees were found. The next day, while visiting the headquarters of the Leskovac Police Department, an interview with a detained person was conducted, with an overview of the relevant documentation.

At the same time, the second NPM team made three visits to military facilities – barracks in Bujanovac, Vranje and Leskovac, which contain premises for the execution of the disciplinary measure “Prohibition of departure from special premises in a military facility for up to 15 Days”. The NPM team was given the opportunity to visit special premises intended for the execution of the mentioned measure, and members of the Serbian Armed Forces provided all the requested data and information regarding the manner of its execution. The cooperation of the members of the Serbian Armed Forces with the NPM team members was professional and complete.

Yesterday, on World Suicide Prevention Day, the NPM team visited the Clinical Center of Vojvodina. The visit was regular, announced, as per the 2019 Visit Plan. The NPM team, in addition to the representatives of the Protector of Citizens, consisted of representatives of the provincial Protector of Citizens, as well as a physician – specialist in psychiatry and a representative of the International Aid Network (IAN).

The cooperation of the management and employees at the Clinic with the NPM team was complete and constructive. In addition to the material conditions of hospitalization, admission procedures, treatment of agitated patients and other issues of importance for the prevention of torture, special attention was paid to the situation of minors and the way psychiatric health care is offered to this particularly vulnerable social group.

The NPM will produce a report with recommendations on the visit to the Psychiatric Clinic, the implementation of which would contribute to the improvement of the situation of psychiatric patients and the compliance with standards in this field.

The National Preventive Mechanism monitored the procedure of forced expulsion of a Northern Macedonia national from the Republic of Serbia yesterday.

The citizen of Northern Macedonia, who had been staying at the shelter for foreigners in Padinska Skela for a while, was first escorted to the Embassy of Northern Macedonia by official vehicle to be provided with the necessary documentation, and then to the Presevo border crossing, where he was handed over to North Macedonian police officers. The National Preventive Mechanism, which oversaw the entire forced expulsion procedure, will draw up a Report on the procedure conducted and, if necessary, make appropriate recommendations to the competent authorities.

After the control visit to the Penal - Correctional Institution in Nis in May, when the Protector of Citizens, Zoran Pasalic, while checking compliance with the previously made recommendations, in addition to the employees in the institution also talked to the persons deprived of their liberty, a large number of them subsequently complained to the institution, complaining, among other things, about inadequate prison conditions, insufficient number of medical staff and insufficient health care.

Guided by a large number of complaints of persons deprived of their liberty addressed at the institution, the Protector of Citizens, Zoran Pasalic, together with the representatives of the Department for urgent action, made an unannounced visit today to the Penal - Correctional Institution in Nis and the detention unit in Pirot. On that occasion, he conducted several direct conversations with persons deprived of their liberty, which was a way to become more familiar with the cases of complaints and to look at the on-site possibilities for overcoming them, but also to solve the identified problems and omissions in the work of the institution.