National preventive mechanism team visited Reception Centres for migrants in Divljana, Bela Palanka and in Bosilegrad as well as Centre for the accommodation of unaccompanied foreigner minors, which is part of the Institute for children and youth education in Niš, on 03. and 04. April of 2017. The aim of these visits was to monitor the treatment of migrants and asylum seekers by competent authorities.

The officer from the Department for children's rights, gender equality and protection of social and cultural rights of the Ombudsman' Secretariat was part of the team, so during the visits to reception centres special attention was focused on the juvenile migrants.

Team NPM conducted a two-day visit to the District Prison in Novi Pazar, on 16 and 17 March 2017. On this occasion, NPM carried out an evening unannounced visits to the Novi Pazar Police Directorate, in order to monitor implementation of previously addressed NPM recommendations.

National Preventive Mechanism team carried out the unannounced visit to the Šid Reception Center for migrants on 13 March 2017, in order to follow acting on the recommendations that have been addressed after the visit to the Center in December 2016.

NPM conducted a visit to the District Prison in Pancevo on 21 February 2017 in order to monitor the earlier addressed recommendations in the Report on the visit from 2013. Within the team, in addition to representatives of the Protector Grđan was a doctor of forensic medicine.

b_280_0_16777215_00_images_DSCN0858-2.JPGNPM team visited newly opened Obrenovac Reception Center on 03 February 2017, in which in the past period migrants who were residing in inhumane conditions in a hangar located near the Belgrade Bus Station were relocated to.

Special attention during this visit was aimed at minors, so the part of the team were representatives of the Department of Children's Rights in Protector of Citizen's Secretariat.