NPM team visited PD Pirot and the Regional Centre of the border police to Bulgaria on 26. and 27. of July, in order to monitor the treatment of migrants / asylum seekers.
During the visit to PD Pirot, team had the interview with the chief of police about the recommendations addressed in the Report on the visit of NPM in 2015, regarding the treatment of persons brought in and held in police station. Team NPM visited the facilities intended for holding persons for up to 48 hours, which are in the Correctional facility in Nis - Department of detention in Pirot and talked to the person who was found there.

Tim NPM on 26. July 2016 visited the Gerontology Center Novi Sad - work unit Home for pensioners and the elderly in Novo naselje, with aim to determine the treatment of beneficiaries.

NPM on 21 June 2016 visited Detention center for foreigners in order to follow-up the implementation of the recommendations addressed in 2015. On this occasion, interviews were conducted with the present foreigners in the detention center.

On the same day, NPM visited the Penal-correctional Institution Padinska Skela. The reason for this visit was to monitor the treatment of transgender people who are in the department for accommodation of misdemeanors.

NPM team visited Leskovac Police Department and regional police stations on 30 and 31 May 2016. The visit was carried out to in order to monitor the general tretment of police toward PDLs and refugees / migrants.

NPM team, on 19 May 2016, visited the Home for adults Kulina, in order to determine the treatment of beneficiaries and the conditions in which they reside. Beside the deputy ombudsman for the protection of the rights of PDLs and the representatives of the Serbian Ombudsman, members of the NPM team were also representatives of associations Initiative for the rights of people with mental disabilities (MDRI-S) and a specialist in forensic medicine.