The Belgrade Gerontology Center has informed the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) that it will be possible for the immobile beneficiaries placed in the Bežanijska kosa Home to stay in the fresh air outside the enclosed premises more regularly and that works will be carried out in the coming period at the Department for accommodation beneficiaries with diagnosis of dementia: painting of all rooms, renovation of the bathroom and installation of new draperies will be done, in order to create a pleasant surroundings and environment in which the beneficiaries stay and live.

NPM was also informed that until the adoption of rules that will regulate the conditions and procedure of physical restraint of beneficiaries in institutions of social protection, the Institution will apply the established standards, and that the Belgrade City Center for Social Work ordered guardians to visit their wards more regularly.

The NPM visited the Belgrade Gerontology Center - Bežanijska kosa Home on October 24, 2018. A report containing recommendations for the elimination of observed shortcomings was compiled on this visit.

Concerning the recommendation of the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) that the Psychiatric Department should provide material conditions that will enable a positive therapeutic environment, the Šabac General Hospital informed the NPM that the mattresses were mostly replaced, that they purchased new bedding and replaced beds and that it was planned to replace the carpentry in 2019.

The NPM visited the Psychiatric Department of the Šabac General Hospital on April 3, 2018, about which it made a report.

Acting upon the recommendations of the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM), the Zrenjanin District Prison repaired sanitary facilities and moisture, paintied the walls of the cells and the kitchen, disinsected the rooms and increased the capacity of the laundry by purchasing another washing machine.

The District Prison's response also states that the procedure for a detailed body search has been changed so that the persons no longer take away all the clothes at the same time, that the documentating of the person's injury has been improved by marking injuries on the body charts, that the exclusion of the convict from the regular regime of sentence serving will be made on the basis of an appropriate decision and that the medical doctor will continuously control the health condition of persons who are isolated or physicaly restrainted.

Also, the NPM was informed that members of the Security Service were provided with certain parts of uniforms that were missing and that the employment of a medical technician was in progress.

The NPM visited the Zrenjanin District Prison on July 13, 2018. A report was made on the visit, with recommendations to improve the work of the Prison and the treatment of persons deprived of their liberty.

Acting on the recommendations of the National Prevention Mechanism (NPM), referred to in the visit report to asylum centers in Tutin and Sjenica, Commissariat for Refugees and Migration informed Protector of citizens that will improve records of extraordinary events by the fact that extraordinary events will be recorded in a special register.

In order to improve the nutrition of migrants and provide the safe drinking water in the Asylum Center in Tutin, Commissariat stated that in cooperation with partner organizations, food in the Center is provided in accordance with the religious and cultural needs of migrants, and that nutritionists suggest composition menus. Menus are approved by the Institute of Public Health "Dr. Milan Jovanovic Batut", and the relevant authorities control regularity and quality of food. After the visit of the NPM, the Public Health Institute Novi Pazar conducted hygienic and sanitary supervision at the Asylum Center in Tutin and submitted a proposal of measures.

The Protector of citizens performing the duties of the NPM, in order to monitor the actions of the competent authorities towards migrants and asylum seekers in the Republic of Serbia, visited the centers for asylum in Tutin and Sjenica on 22 August 2018. After the visits reports with recommendations were made and sent to visited centers and Commissariat for Refugees and Migration.

The Ministry of Health informed the NPM that projects for complete reconstruction of buildings that are in the worst condition in the Special Hospital for Psychiatric Diseases in Kovin were completed. The mentioned reconstructions will also include smaller rooms with fewer beds, to comply with the standards, and to follow the recommendations of the NPM. Likewise, following the recommendations of the NPM, people using wheelchairs or some other aids were moved to a new department located on the ground floor, which allowed them to stay out of the building everyday.

The Ministry of Health and the Hospital have informed the Protector of Citizens to act upon the recommendation of the NPM that all patients sign a written consent for the application of the medical measure, and that the treating physician provides the patient and his legal representative with all necessary information on the treatment. After the visit of the NPM, a professional collegium of doctors was held in which it was ordered to avoid long-term fixations.

In order to monitor the treatment of previously adressed recommendations, the NPM visited the Special Hospital for Psychiatric Diseases in Kovin in June 2018. After the visit, the Hospital and the Ministry of Health were sent a visit report with another 10 recommendations for improving patient treatment.