In accordance with the recommendation of the NPM, the Home for elderly in Krusevac has enabled following of the television program for users who, because of their disabilities, can not participate in the everyday contents that are offered. Furthermore, the NPM was informed that the fixation of the beneficiaries is no longer being applied, since the Psychiatrist is not permanently employed in the Home, but occasionally arrives on the basis of the Complementary Work Agreement.

The NPM visited the Home for elderly in Krusevac on 8 and 9 February 2018, after which the Home was provided with a Report on the visit with recommendations for improvement.

Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, the Psychiatric Service of the General Hospital in Krusevac rearranges the space in which the outpatient clinic and room for medical personnel will be transferred, and steps are being taken gradually to ensure a positive therapeutic environment for patients.

The hospital introduced medical workers with a recommendation that the history of the disease should be systematized and complete, as well as containing all diagnostic data and changes. Further, the hospital will provide information on patients' rights and they will be visible and available in an appropriate form for patients.

The NPM team visited the General Hospital in Krusevac on 8 and 9 February 2018, after which the Hospital was sent a visit report with recommendations for improvement.

The Ministry of Interior informed the Protector of Citizens that, in accordance with the recommendations of the National Preventive Mechanism,  an intercom for calling police officers on duty and a notice about the video surveillance were set up in the police custody of the Užice Police Department, and that the the privacy of the retained persons when using the toilet is ensured.

The National Preventive Mechanism visited the Užice Police Department on April 19, 2018, after which, in the Report on the visit, it made the recommendations for improvement of the conditions in the room where retained citizens are placed.


The Correctional Institution in Šabac, acting on the recommendations of the NPM, took measures to fill vacancies and new employment. The Instution informed the NPM that the number of detention beds was adjusted to the standard of living space of the PDLs, and that they replacement of all invalid panic tasters. Also, after NPM visit one prisoner from the closed department started to work on the site of the hygien in that department. Acting upon the recommendation, the Institution has trained a newly appointed doctor of medicine on his obligations under the Law on the Execution of Criminal Sanctions, as well as on the handling of cases of coercion measures in accordance with the Istanbul Protocol.

The Administration for the Execution of Criminal Sanctions informed the NPM that in the short term the person in charge of the management of the Institution will be assigned to the position of the ward, as well as the activities undertaken for the standardization of medical examinations, the preparation of reports after examination and documentation and reporting after using coercive measures.

The Correctional Institution in Sabac was visited on April 3, 2018, in order to monitor the implementation of the 37 recommendations of the NPM that were sent in 2014. Also, in this report, 11 additional recommendations have been sent for remedying the observed shortcomings and improving the treatment of PDLs.

The District Prison in Krusevac, following the recommendations of the NPM, took measures to move the prison to another location. In order to fill vacancies and new employment, the Administration for the Execution of Criminal Sanctions requested approval from the Commission for New Employment and additional work engagement with the beneficiary of public funds.

The Prison informed the NPM that the space, which was used for the execution of the disciplinary measure, will no longer be used. Also, binding will be applied on the basis of an individual assessment in each individual case when conducting a person deprived of liberty classified into an open and semi-open department. For the purpose of additional occupation of the free time of the convicted persons, the Prison started negotiations with the Krusevac Theater in order to organize and performances for persons deprived of their liberty, and measures were taken in order to organize sports-recreational activities in cooperation with the Educational Correctional Home. The Prison also provided a receipt for requests for confidential conversation with the warden, as well as telephone calls in one more term, as well as the first telephone call upon receipt.