Acting upon the recommendations of the NPM, Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs and the Provincial Secretariat for Social Policy, Demography and Gender Equality in accordance with the Deinstitutionalization Strategy 2018-2022, will take part in development of Transformation Plan of the Otthon, and will be take measures in order to ensure use of the Serbian language in the Otthon. In order to implement recommendations of the NPM, Decision on banning the engagement of beneficiaries in assistance in the conduct of non-residential activities in the Home was made, and the Provincial Secretariat will issue an order to the director of home in order to stop the practice of long-term isolation of individual users in the Chamber.

In order to ensure the necessary number of staff in Chamber, competent Ministry contacted the Commission for approval for new employment, but also for additional employment for filling vacancies in the Otthon. In order to improve the regulations in the part regulating consent to the medical measure of persons under guardianship, the Expert Group of the Ministry is working on the amendments to the Family Law. In addition, the competent Ministry and Provincial Secretariat in the future will plan to finance the investment funds in order to improve the accommodation conditions of the beneficiaries in the Chamber.

NPM visited the Home for persons with mental disabilities "Otthon" Stara Moravica in October 2016 in order to monitor the treatment of competent authorities towards persons with intellectual and mental disabilities located in special welfare institution stationary type. After the visit to the competent authorities, recommendations for the elimination of identified deficiencies were made. 

Acting upon the recommendations of the NPM, the Novi Pazar District Prison separated persons in police detention and misdemeanor offenders from other categories of persons deprived of their liberty. In the disciplinary procedure, the noticification on the right to legal assistance to convicted persons is supplemented with information about the officer who can provide them such assistance, and the persons serving disciplinary measure of solitary confinement are controlled daily by a medical doctor. Special record on the injuries of persons deprived of their libertyhave been introduced and secured that only medical personnel have access to medical documentation, as well as that non-medical staff are not present during medical examinations. Also, the Prison arranged with the Public Prosecutor and the Court to receive the written findings and opinions of the expert who performed the examination and the autopsy of the body of the person which was deprived of liberty at the time of death.

Acting on the recommendations, the Administration for Enforcement of Penal Sanctions announced the enouncement of a tender for the procurement of new uniforms for members of the Security Service and took measures for additional employment of officials. Also, the first group of employees is directed to health control, and it is planned that all workers will pass it by the end of the year.

At the same time, the Health Inspectorate of the Ministry of Health informed the NPM of the results of the inspection supervision in which the Prison was ordered to obtain a legal decision on the fulfillment of the conditions for performing healthcare activity.

The NPM visited the Novi Pazar District Prison on 16 and 17 March 2017. The Report on the visit was prepared, with 27 recommendations for elimination of observed shortcomings and improvement of the state.

Acting on the recommendations of the National preventive mechanism, police officers of the Vršac Police Station immediately inform the City of Vršac Center for Social Work about the fact or suspicion that there is a unaccompanied minor migrant, so the Center could provide protection to the minor. Also, police officers are giving to all persons taken into police custody a written notice about their rights.

The Ministry of Interior informed the Ombudsman that premises for detention of persons will be provided with the City of Vršac funds and that the Ministry is not able to provide to this Police Station equipment for certificates of declared intention to seek asylum in the Republic of Serbia.

National Preventive Mechanism team visited the Vršac Police Station and the Border Police Regional Center on the Border with Romania - North on 15 December of 2016, on which the Report with recommendations for the improvement of their work hase been made.

Acting on the recommendations of the NPM District Prison in Pancevo - Vrsac Department improve the material conditions of accommodation in the Prison, as well as the health care of inmates.Detainees were allowed to stay in the open air at least two hours a day, as well as longer duration of visits.

District Prison in Pancevo - Vrsac provides an example of good practice of cooperation with NPM, bearing in mind that during the given period of time consumed by the largest number of the recommendations.T

NPM visited the District Prison in Pancevo - Vrsac Department on 15 December 2016. About this visit, the Report with 25 recommendations of measures to correct identified deficiencies and improving the treatment of PDLs was made and sent to the Prison.

Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, the Gerontology Centre in Novi Sad will send a request to the competent ministry for the provision of a sufficient number of employees in the Working Unit Home for pensioners and the elderly in Novi Sad. Also, the financial plan for 2017 Gerontology Center shall incorporate the procurement of a sufficient number of screens and tools for fixed and mobile customers badly in order to ensure user privacy and adequate treatment of fixed and mobile benficaries. Gerontology Center - Working Unit Home for pensioners and the elderly in Novi Sad introduced a special book in which to enter all relevant details concerning the implementation of measures of physical restraint to users.

The Ombudsman in the performance of the NPM, in July 2016, visited the Gerontology Center Novi Sad - Working Unit Home for pensioners and the elderly in Novi Sad. After a visit, to the competent authorities were made recommendations to remedy the shortcomings. Acting on the recommendations of the Report and the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs has taken certain actions that will follow the NPM in the future.