Performing the activities of the National Preventive Mechanism, the Protector of Citizens has established that there is no systemic definition of technical characteristics and the method for use of the means of coercion, and therefore NPM submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs the Initiative for adoption the regulations that will regulate this.

By not setting or not setting in an appropriate way series of technical characteristics of the means of coercion and the method for their use, there is an increased possibility of occurrence of the violations of the rights of citizens to inviolability of physical and psychological integrity, it is stated, among other things, in the Initiative.

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On the fourth session of the Second Regular Session in 2014, held on 23 October 2014, the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia adopted the conclusions regarding the consideration of the report on the work of the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) for the year 2013.

Reports of the National Preventive Mechanisms’ visits to the Asylum Centre in Bogovodja on 30 August 2012 and 14 October 2013 can downloaded from the link below, as well as the Recommendation issued to the Ministry of Interior and the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration.

Ombudsman's recommendations for improving the status of asylum seekers and irregular migrants in the Republic of Serbia.

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