Reports on visits

Acting on the recommendations of the National Preventive Mechanism, in the Shelter for Foreigners in Padinska Skela psychological support is provided for foreigners who are going to be forcibly removed from the country and measures were also undertaken in order to designate more police officers and to provide an adequate number of official vehicles, to improve work with these persons. Also, women and children were allowed to spend more time outdoors.

However, the problems of lack of the provision of continuous health care and difficult communication between police officers and foreigners who understand neither Serbian nor English still exist.

National Preventive Mechanism visited the Shelter for Foreigners in Padinska Skela on 12. August 2016. The Report on this visit has been made, with recommendations for eliminating the identified deficiencies in the treatment of foreigners who are placed there.

Download this file (Shalter for Foreigner.pdf)Report on visit

Acting on the recommendations of the NPM social work centers in Tutin and Sjenica, in accordance with their capacities are trying to take statutory measures to protect unaccompanied minors which are placed in the centers for asylum in these cities. In accordance with the recommendation addressed to the Asylum Centre in Sjenica, migrants upon receipt undergo a complete medical examination and are provided with every day presence of doctors at this from 8 am to 16 pm. On the occasion of the recommendations that the Office for the asylum seekers register and issue identity cards for asylum seekers, Board of the Border Police informed the Ombudsman that persons which are placed in these centers for asylum do not want to start the asylum procedure in Serbia and that they waiting for their crossing into Hungary.

In performing the duties of the NPM, the Ombudsman has visited centers for asylum in Tutin and Sjenica in September 2016, with the aim of monitoring the treatment of refugees and migrants. After the visit made up the reports with recommendations for remedy the identified deficiencies. 

Border Police informed the Ombudsman that the Draft law on foreigners, which is expected to be in the parliamentary procedure in March of 2017, stipulates that foreign nationals who have been refused entry to the Republic of Serbia shall be issued a standardized form with the reasons for refusal, and that, having regard to the addressed recommendation, the possibility to translate the form into arabic, farsi and urdu will be considered. Also, all details and aspects of the adaptation project of the room in which the foreigners who have beeen refused entry into Serbia are placed are discussed at the meeting between Border Police and representatives of ''Nikola Tesla" Airport.

The National Preventive Mechanism visited the Border police station Belgrade at the Airport "Nikola Tesla" on 07th October 2016, in order to monitor the acting on the recommendations addressed in 2015. The Report has been made about this visit, in which recommendations to provide adequate facilities for accommodation of foreigners who have been refused entry into the country and to enable them to stay in the fresh air are repeated. New recommendation, to make a form with informations about the rights and legal status of these foreigners in languages ​​that most of them speak, is also adressed.

The Ministry of Interior informed the NPM that they will consider the possibility of printing the leaflet on the rights of migrants and asylum seekers, but it is currently not able to implement the recommendation addressed. In their response they also stated that they take all available measures in order to improve their informing of migrants and asylum seekers.


The NPM visited on 26 and 27 July 2016 Pirot Police Department and the Regional Border Police to Bulgaria in order to monitor the authorities treatment towards migrants and asylum seekers. On that occasion was made the report with recommendations.

Download this file (Report on the Visit to the Pirot Police Directorate and the Regional Border Police Centre towards Bulgaria .pdf)Report on visit