Reports on visits

Acting on the recommendations of the National Preventive Mechanism, the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration, in cooperation with organizations Group 484 and Save the Children, hired two professionals specialised in working with children in the children's corner of the Asylum Centre in Bogovađa. The Center established records of all personson on the prescribed forms, ensured the availability of an interpreter and the information that the meals fulfil the Islamic dietary requirements is visibly displayed in the dining room. Also, all medical files were transferred to the infirmary and will be available exclusively to medical staff and the authorised officials shall notify the Asylum Office of violations of the house rules.

Regarding the recommendation that the Asylum Office should register and issue identity cards for asylum seekers, Border Police informed the Ombudsman that it is necessary that the Asylum Office be promptly informed by another competent authority about the presence of persons who expressed intention and have serious intention to seek asylum, as well as on their personal data.

The National Preventive Mechanism visited the Asylum Centre in Bogovađa on 24th August 2016, on which has made a Report with recommendations for authorities to eliminate the identified deficiencies.

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Acting on the recommendations of the National Preventive Mechanism, Subotica Reception Centre placed the house rules at the entrance of the administration building and in the facilities for accommodation of migrants. Commissariat for Refugees and Migration has taken measures to ensure the toilet adapted for persons with disabilities. The Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs and Subotica City Social Welfare Centre, in cooperation with UNICEF, hired four field social workers in order to protect vulnerable groups of migrants who are placed in the Reception Centre.

In order to protect the security of migrants, other persons and their property, Subotica Police Directorate ensured the continued presence of uniformed police officers in the vicinity of the Reception Centre through patrol activities and officers of the Border Police Department for foreigners, combating illegal migration and human trafficking visit Reception Center at daily basis.

The NPM visited Subotica Reception Center, Horgos and Kelebija Border Crossings and Home for Children with Disabilities "Cradle" on 10. of August 2016, on which has made a Report with recommendations for authorities to eliminate the identified deficiencies.

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Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, the Administration for the enforcement of penal sanctions will improve the training of prison staff within the topic "Gender equality". The goal of training is to provide additional education at the Centre for training and professional development for prison staff in the field of standards and principles of equality and non-discrimination in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity.
Correctional Institution in Belgrade - Padinska Skela will improve the material conditions in the facility for accomodation of misdemeanour offenders and take special measures to protect transgender persons from discrimination.
The NPM visited the Correctional Institute in Belgrade - Padinska Skela on 21. of June 2016, in order to monitor the treatment of transgender inmates, on which has made a report with recommendations for eliminating the identified deficiencies. On this occasion, interviews were conducted with two transgender women, serving a sentence of imprisonment imposed for the misdemeanour offenders in this Institution.
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Border Police informed the NPM that the Ministry of Interior in drafting by-laws and forms, which will be adopted after the adoption of the new Law on Foreigners, take into account the recommendations from the NPM report on the visit to the Shelter for Foreigners in Padinska Skela.

Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, the competent departments again requested from the Ministry of Interiorthe funds for the renovation of the premises where foreigners are staying, as well as the legal interpretation of the provisions of the Guidelines on the treatment of detainees brought in, in which has been provided for mandatory tying the person to be transported. At the same time, the NPM was informed that the Ministry does not possess the personnel, spatial and financial capacities in order to ensure a permanent presence of medical staff at the Shelter.

The NPM visited the Shelter for foreigners on 21 June 2016 and on that occasion drew up a report with recommendations.

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Acting on the recommendations of the NPM concerning the improvement of the situation of unaccompanied migrant minors in general, the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs has secured additional funding. Action has been taken to strengthen the capacities of the social security system for working with unaccompanied migrant minors, increasing the accommodation capacity for such persons in institutions of social protection and procurement of vehicles for the transport of juvenile migrants.

In accordance with the recommendation from NPM report on the visit to the Institute for Youth Education - Center for foreign minors unaccompanied in Nis, funds were provided to meet the needs of minor foreigners, primarily to increase the accommodation capacity for unaccompanied minors and providing special accommodation for girls in this institution. There will also be provided and three vehicles for the transport of unaccompanied migrant minors.

In order to improve the situation of children of refugees and migrants so far NPM through the reports on visits sent to the competent authorities ten recommendations, which relate exclusively to obove mentioned field.

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