Reports on visits

Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, the Shelter for Foreigners in Padinska Skela provided psychological support to persons who are waiting deportation. Also, they took measures to adapt premises and to improve the hygiene in them.

The NPM carried out, in August 2015, a visit to the Shelter for Foreigners in Padinska Skela in order to monitor implementation of NPM recommendations to improve the treatment of migrants / asylum seekers in the Republic of Serbia.

Download this file (ENG Prihvatiliste za strance u Padinskoj Skeli 2015..pdf)Report

NPM team, on 5 February 2015, visited the Special Prison Hospital in order to monitor the implementation of the recommendations from the Report on the visit of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) to Republic of Serbia, from 2011.

Recomedations and report of the “Veternik” Residential Centre

Download this file (412_Dom Veternik_EN.doc)Recomedations
Download this file (Veternik FINALL 1203_EN.doc)Report

Two reports on two visits to the Asylum Center in Bogovadja